Sunday, 26 February 2012

RMK Sprinkling Colors

I'm loving the bright colour collections that are popping up this Spring. One of which I came across recently is RMK Sprinkling Colors, the new collection for Spring/Summer 2012.

It features Sprinkling Eyes, a four shaded palette designed to create three different looks. The palette contains a creamy base, and three powder colours in different shades and textures to use on top of the base. The gliding base is designed to magnify the lucent, pearlescent powder for a clear shimmering finish to open up the eyes. It is available in shades 01 Brown, 02 Green, and 03 Gray.

Sprinkling Cheeks is a duo for the cheeks with a base colour to be applied first to correct the skin tone, and a powder to be applied on top. The two hues are said to work together to deliver a soft, crystalline finish. Available in three shades, 01 Pink, 02 Orange, and 03 Brown

A selection of four new shades have been added to the Irresistible Lips C collection, two of which are seasonal limited edition shades - 26 Natural Beige Pink, 27 Orange, EX-04 Beige (Limited Edition), and EX-05 Rose (Limited Edition).

Four new vibrant Spring shades of Nail Color EX are available - P-27 Holographic Orange, P28 Holographic Coral Pink, P-29 Holographic Blue, and P-30 Holographic Purple. The nail polish is infused with polarized pearl to give a clear glimmering finish.

A new addition to Ingenious Natural Eyes is 07 Purple. The eyeshadow quad palette is said to have a special formula the prevents each eye colour from obstructing another shade when blending for a vibrant, bright finish.

Ingenious Powder Eyes is available in two new shades inspired by Sprinkling Colors - SH-09 Gold, and SH-10 Greenish Gray.


  1. These look nice I'll have to keep an eye out for them. I'm pretty excited for spring to come.
    Beauty Flawed

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment, following your blog too!

  3. wow! love the nailpolish colours!

    xo kerker

    1. Gorgeous aren't they!? My nail polish collection is already stupidly huge, but I just can't resist!! xxx