Sunday, 5 February 2012

Make-Up Looks I Love

I always have, and always will, love the dark eyes, light lips make up look. It's such a versatile look that can be adjusted ever so slightly to give a dramatic or soft look suitable for any occasion. You can also play with the colour ever so easily as all shades will match light lips, such as in the top right corner of the picture below.

Another great look with focus on the eyes, is the cat eye. Again, there are SO many ways to play with this look, ranging from dramatic to subtle.

I really want to try the dramatic cat eyes in the top left corner (think I may struggle to get that one right though, you need a steady hand for that one!), and I'm definitely going to be trying the blue eyes look in the bottom right hand corner. I have a great blue pencil that I think will help me achieve this quite easily!

One celebrity whose make-up I love is, Gwen Stefani (I do have a little girl crush on her too). She often goes for dark, bright lips and subtle eyes, but dark eyes, light lips too, and then also very natural looks using neutral colours throughout. She looks stunning in all of them!


  1. Aah Gwen... she's a total babe! I love her makeup too, she looks gorgous with or without her red lippie :) x

  2. Yep, she has such a perfect face! xx

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