Saturday, 24 September 2011

Striped Nails

Here I’m wearing 17 Supreme Shine Nail Polish in shade Wave for the base colour, and Etos Nail Art in shade 005 used for the stripes. 17 Supreme Shine Nail Polish features a maxi brush, which is brilliant, it makes application fast and easy with one stroke. It needs two coats, but this isn’t a problem as it dries nice and quickly. This is my first attempt at "nail art" (as you can probably tell), but the Etos Nail Art has a small thin brush specially created to make it easy to apply different designs to the nails, and I love it!

Dior Adhesive Eye Liner Patches


The new Dior Adhesive Eye Liner Patches just look amazing. Such a brilliant idea, especially for those who struggle to apply normal liquid eye liner, and so versatile. They can be worn day-to-day with everyday clothes, or worn at night to glam up a look. The Velvet Patches come in a pack with four different designs, including two classic matte designs, a silver crystal and a Swarovski design. They are claimed to be adjustable, reusable, and come with glue for extra long hold. I want!!!!