Sunday, 26 February 2012

RMK Sprinkling Colors

I'm loving the bright colour collections that are popping up this Spring. One of which I came across recently is RMK Sprinkling Colors, the new collection for Spring/Summer 2012.

It features Sprinkling Eyes, a four shaded palette designed to create three different looks. The palette contains a creamy base, and three powder colours in different shades and textures to use on top of the base. The gliding base is designed to magnify the lucent, pearlescent powder for a clear shimmering finish to open up the eyes. It is available in shades 01 Brown, 02 Green, and 03 Gray.

Sprinkling Cheeks is a duo for the cheeks with a base colour to be applied first to correct the skin tone, and a powder to be applied on top. The two hues are said to work together to deliver a soft, crystalline finish. Available in three shades, 01 Pink, 02 Orange, and 03 Brown

A selection of four new shades have been added to the Irresistible Lips C collection, two of which are seasonal limited edition shades - 26 Natural Beige Pink, 27 Orange, EX-04 Beige (Limited Edition), and EX-05 Rose (Limited Edition).

Four new vibrant Spring shades of Nail Color EX are available - P-27 Holographic Orange, P28 Holographic Coral Pink, P-29 Holographic Blue, and P-30 Holographic Purple. The nail polish is infused with polarized pearl to give a clear glimmering finish.

A new addition to Ingenious Natural Eyes is 07 Purple. The eyeshadow quad palette is said to have a special formula the prevents each eye colour from obstructing another shade when blending for a vibrant, bright finish.

Ingenious Powder Eyes is available in two new shades inspired by Sprinkling Colors - SH-09 Gold, and SH-10 Greenish Gray.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Spotty Spotty!!

A little inspiration taken from the Irregular Choice shoes.... 

I managed to do the spots with a toothpick! They are not particularly even, but still, not bad for a first attempt ay! - Also please ignore the blob on my thumb... forgot to sort that out before the picture, d'oh! 

The red I used is L'Oréal 307 Target Red, and any French manicure white polish is fine for the little spots :-)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Irregular Choice Shoes

Would you just look at these beauties!! I think I may have to treat myself to these come payday...

Irregular Choice, Flick Flack  £64.99

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish - 60 Fateful Desire

Essence have added 28 new shades to their Colour & Go Nail Polish collection, making 56 in total so it is hard not to find a shade you like! The name, Colour & Go, is to reflect that the polish is fast drying, features a wide brush for fast application, and only needs one coat. I only disagree with the last statement. It is fast drying, the brush is perfectly wide making application very simple, but two coats is needed, well at least for shade 60 Fateful Desire, which I used. This could be due to the fact that it’s such a dark shade, and maybe the lighter shades only require one coat (who knows?!), but to be honest, the fact that it is fast drying and easy to apply means that applying two coats really isn’t a hassle. 

I always use a top coat, and with this I find it lasts around three to four days without chipping - but please note, I am lucky enough to own a dishwasher, so my little nails never go into the dishwater to do the washing up! ;-)

The pictures below are the shade is shot without me wearing a top coat.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Make-Up Looks I Love

I always have, and always will, love the dark eyes, light lips make up look. It's such a versatile look that can be adjusted ever so slightly to give a dramatic or soft look suitable for any occasion. You can also play with the colour ever so easily as all shades will match light lips, such as in the top right corner of the picture below.

Another great look with focus on the eyes, is the cat eye. Again, there are SO many ways to play with this look, ranging from dramatic to subtle.

I really want to try the dramatic cat eyes in the top left corner (think I may struggle to get that one right though, you need a steady hand for that one!), and I'm definitely going to be trying the blue eyes look in the bottom right hand corner. I have a great blue pencil that I think will help me achieve this quite easily!

One celebrity whose make-up I love is, Gwen Stefani (I do have a little girl crush on her too). She often goes for dark, bright lips and subtle eyes, but dark eyes, light lips too, and then also very natural looks using neutral colours throughout. She looks stunning in all of them!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara

So, Maybelline decided to give their famous Great Lash Mascara a revamp. Lots of Lashes Mascara features a brilliant heart shaped wand, I say brilliant because it manages to catch each and every lash, making it simple to reach all bottom lashes too. The mascara applies evenly, no clumps, no smudging, just lovely! I do find that after a day of wear however that it can start to flake a little, but this is after hours of wearing. 

I would recommend this, it's a great affordable mascara. On a night out recently wearing Lots of Lashes Mascara in shade Black, my friend thought I was actually wearing false lashes (she was a little drunk, but still, that's got to be a good thing?!).

See below my before and after shots.